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What is LPA Compass?

LPA Compass methodology grew out of decades of collective experience implementing custom applications, analytic solutions, and data warehouse solutions in a variety of industries.  Compass is designed to ensure success from the onset of the project, establishing measurable results before work even begins.  We then create a roadmap to take  clients from the beginning of a project, where we define the business requirements, through systems implementation phase, deployment phase, and finally the ongoing support phase.

A phased approach.

LPA Compass is a phased approach to implementing analytic and data warehouse solutions which focus on incremental development.  Each release of the solution builds upon the previous one and successively satisfies more requirements.  The requirements that are considered most critical are met in early releases, while less critical requirements are met in later increments. This allows clients to begin to realize the benefits of the solution as soon as the initial release is deployed.

The four phases.

Our approach relies on four phases: discovery, implementation, deployment, and continuation.  These four phases are chained together to provide a full lifecycle process.  Within this complete lifecycle, a horizon-based approach allows for mid-course corrections and go/no-go decisions to be made.  This approach minimizes risk and ensures the interests of the client are protected at all times.  The activities and deliverables produced in each phase build upon those in the previous phase.

For more information...

LPA’s Compass methodology is a heavily nuanced approach to BI solutions. For additional details, please take a moment to peruse our diagrams and additional collateral on the subject.