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9/25/2017 - NYS Thruway Chooses LPA to Leverage Weather Data

LPA Software Solutions LLC, an IBM Platinum Analytics partner, and the IBM Weather Company are working with the NYS Thruway Authority to provide key personnel and executives with real-time storm related information from IBM OpsGround SaaS on weather events including: Satellite images, Snowfall rates, Live Radar (Global Coverage), Road Weather Conditions, Wind Speed/Direction, Flows, Temperature, Local Weather Stations, Real-time INRIX Traffic, Storm Tracks, Lightning, Follow-Me Alerts (Precipitation and Lightning), User Reporting of Road Conditions and Map Options.  Weather alerts utilizing hyper-local enhanced forecasts will send customized weather alerts (rain, snow, ice, hail, lightning, etc.) based on a set of locations loaded into the IBM Weather application.

The Thruway Authority has implemented this program to improve operational efficiency and increase safety for citizens and staff.  Improved weather data for predicting and planning for weather events is critical to provide live and up-to-date information as the weather conditions evolve and change quickly. Enhanced and additional local weather information is a critical component of making the best decisions for the Thruway. A recent investment of 18 new 7-ton snowplows brings the fleet to 79 plows, and NY uses 30K tons of salt on the highways, so our solution will help them to get the most benefit from the new snow plow investment and be more targeted in their salt application.

A recent press release from the NYS Thruway Office of Media Relations and Communications describes more details of this program.