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View from the CFO’s office.

A company’s Office of Finance can be essential in supporting its corporate strategy – if it has access to the right information. But in the financial sector, operational windows are often daily windows and reporting must be especially detailed and aligned. With these specific needs, Financial Performance Management projects require a special type of consulting resource to ensure success.

The FPM difference.

A Financial Performance Management project is not your typical technology-driven project. The methodologies to identify, design, and implement an FPM solution are different, but they are also cross-functional. Financial solutions involve more than just the finance group; they typically require input and integration with sales, marketing, finance, and operations.

All of these differences require a differently trained consultant. At LPA, our team of FMP consultants all have years of experience of financial professionals or accountants. They know the ins and outs of business, and they can build off this knowledge to create the right technology solution for you.