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Helping your company grow.

The insurance industry is flooded with data from many sources today. To be efficient, insurance companies must mine their data in new and unique ways. When LPA works with an insurance company, we examine your analytics and business intelligence strategy from a variety of different viewpoints. With a customized approach to insurance, we can ensure your company will have an easily accessible solution that analyzes performance on a national scale and minimizes exposure to insurance fraud.


Location, location, location.

As an individual, you already rely on GPS and online mapping outside of the office. But what if you could make geographical services work for your insurance business too? At LPA, we use modern mapping technology to help your company access previously hidden patterns in your data – by viewing your data in the context of a map.

The best line of defense.

Each year, insurance companies lose more and more due to fraudulent claims. But loss due to fraud is preventable – when you mine your data correctly. LPA offers the latest in IBM SPSS technology to allow you to isolate those factors that indicate a claim or payment request might be fraudulent, then efficiently eliminate invalid claims- before they are paid. Moreover, SPSS technology zeroes in on those claims which have the greatest adjustment potential, allowing you to focus your resources where they have the greatest impact.

A mobile world.

With the advent of smartphones and wireless technology, mobile capabilities are an integral part of our personal lives. But many companies overlook the benefits mobile technology can bring to their professional lives as well. In fact, you can save more than an hour a day of an agent’s time simply by making your analytics solutions mobile. Let LPA show you how.