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Financial Performance Management

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The Office of Finance faces serious challenges in today's environment to support the corporate strategy. Operational reporting windows continue to shrink, often to daily windows. Statutory, Management, Wall Street, and Bank entities require more detailed and aligned reporting. Budgeting and Planning often are more effective decentralized but the tools and processes are not always in place.

Financial Performance Management (FPM) projects require a special type of consulting resource to ensure success.  They are not your typical technology driven projects – the methodologies to identify, design, and implement a solution are different from other projects. These types of project are also more cross functional than just the finance group. They typically require input and integration with sales, marketing, finance and operations.  Your FPM solution must integrate with and be complimentary with your financial accounting systems and enterprise business intelligence implementations.

All this requires a differently experienced and trained consultant.  LPA's FPM consultants have been financial professionals or accountants for years so they understand the ins and outs of business and how to apply the right technology solution. And they have been trained by IBM and are certified experts.

Let the team at LPA ensure your next project is a success. We will:

  • Shrink the time and ensure the compliance with a comprehensive financial consolidation process
  • Develop robust monthly financial reporting solutions that includes driver based allocation methodologies  
  • Provide a reporting solution that aligns seamlessly with Operations to ensure smooth interactions
  • Design and build a budgeting and forecasting solution that enables collaboration with decentralized employees and eliminates manual time consuming processes

We will  help you get the most from your FPM investment.

  • Leverage LPA Financial Experts
  • Leverage LPA Experiences
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Reduce Project Risk
  • Improved End-user Adoption


FPM Case Studies

Office of Finance - streamlined upgrade
Healthcare - Billing Performance 
Healthcare - Provider/Service Line Performance
Hospitality - Budgeting and PlanningHospitality - Designing a Forecasting Solution
Hospitality - FPM Architect & Design
Insurance - Business Consulting for Office of Finance
Insurance - FPM Custom Training
Manufacturing - Developing a Planning & Budgeting System