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SPSS Training

SPSS Predictive Analytics Modeler

One of the biggest assets a company has is its data. That data contains patterns and relationships not readily identifiable. Enter Predictive Analytics. With IBM SPSS Modeler software, historical data is automatically mined detecting patterns and indicators which can be used to predict future outcomes, allowing you to prioritize efforts on those events which are most likely to occur.

SPSS Modeler is an extensive analytics platform designed to bring predictive intelligence to decision making across your entire organization. With predictive analytics, you can connect data to effective actions by drawing reliable conclusions about current business conditions and future events.

CRISP-DM Process

LPA provides training instruction to building a predictive model using the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM), and will demonstrate SPSS Modeler functionality required to complete each step of the CRISP-DM process through our unique training offerings.

Customer Analytics

Operational Analytics

Threat & Fraud Analytics

Acquire customers more efficiently

Grow value from existing customers

Retain profitable customers

Manage assets

Maintain physical infrastructure

Maximize capital

Monitor your environment

Detect suspicious behavior

Control outcomes

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SPSS Course Components

LPA's SPSS training course offerings include both instruction and guidance for the CRISP-DM processes:

Business Understanding - Determine objectives, success criteria and data mining goals
Data Understanding - Collect initial data, explore data and verify quality
Data Preparation - Select, cleanse and reformat data as required
Data Modeling - Select modeling techniques, build predictive models
Evaluation - Select models, validate and explain the resulting model
Deployment - Deploy model, score deployment and monitor progress

The LPA Difference

All of LPA's instructors are trainers and also skilled SPSS consultants. This means that they know the value SPSS predictive analytics can bring to your business. Their experience and skills will enable your team to realize that same value through our training courses.

We can use your own company's data to build models. By using datasets familiar to you when they are available, students are more efficient during the course, and walk away from the training with workable models that reflect actual scenarios which directly apply to your line of business. 

SPSS Course Offerings

LPA offers an SPSS Jumpstart course offering that is tailored to your needs and data. It can be either 4 or 5 days of training.

Student Feedback

Each student completes a course evaluation at the end of the training. Over 90% of students rate LPA's SPSS training with a "5 out of 5" score. Some of the comments from previous students include statements such as:

"Instructor was a consultant as much as a trainer"

"Level of tool understanding exceeded my expectations"

"Using our company's data made a tremendous difference with our understanding of the material"

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All companies are unique and have unique business challenges. LPA's solutions can provide a strong starting line, but the only way to fully understand what we can do for you is to ask. Our sales team is always accessible by email, telephone, or in person to schedule a free consultation and get you started on a path to learning more about SPSS predictive analytics.

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